About Us

Debra Reed founded herbsack to replace plastic bags with eco-friendly bags. One herbsack replaces 600 single use plastic bags in its lifetime. herbsack totes are reusable, washable and biodegradable.We selected hemp fabric for our Flagship Linda bag because it naturally resists mold and bacteria, and is a sustainable resource. Hemp replenishes itself quickly. By using hemp, we do not deplete natural resources needed by future generations. herbsack makes stylish totes and handbags from organic hemp, organic cotton, cotton canvas, and specially selected polyesters. All are designed to fashionably replace your single use plastic bags with reusable totes that look great, last long, are washable, and better for our environment. 

Cheaper reusable totes carry germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and viruses. Cleaning them is more trouble than replacing them because they fall apart easily. Yet because they do not degrade, they harm the environment. herbsack totes, designed to last for years, are made in the USA, some right here in San Jose, CA.  By purchasing an herbsack tote bag, you are reducing the need to use pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, thereby helping our environment. You are reducing the use of disposable plastic bags that harm our ecosystem. Thank you for helping to make a better planet. 


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 herbsack Products are Made in the USA

herbsack provides business contracts to US factories and jobs to US factory workers. Here is a picture of Deb in the San Jose, CA cut and sew factory with the factory owner and also a master sewer, Mrs. To.





We are a Certified Woman-Owned Business


herbsack was selected by the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee as a Vendor.

Super Bowl 50 was played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA on February 7, 2016.


herbsack employs Hope Services in Santa Clara, CA to bag and tag its products, perform product prep, and ship the product to Fulfillment Centers. By hiring Hope Services, herbsack provides jobs, wages and activities to the developmentally disabled clients of Hope Services. "Working with Hope Services has been a blessing. They did a great job, and I was enriched by spending time with them. I felt the love." For more information on Hope Services, please visit their website http://www.hopeservices.org/our-services/


TechShop San Jose



After reading that reusable grocery bags, made from laminated woven polypropylene, spread food borne illnesses, Deb decided to make bags out of hemp because hemp naturally resists mold and bacteria. Deb joined techshop and took sewing classes to learn to sew heavy canvas on industrial sewing machines. Her teachers Rebecca, a master sewer, and Sean, an industrial designer, helped her select fabric and design the bag. After practicing sewing 40 to 50 bags in varying patterns and fabrics, Deb conceived and created THE LINDA, the perfect hemp tote!

About the Linda Tote

Inspired by Deb's sister, Linda Sabat, the Linda Hemp Tote features all-natural, organically grown hemp fabric, is biodegradable, washable, strong, durable, reusable, sustainable, and naturally resistant to mold and bacteria. Linda survived breast cancer for 6 years in part by eating organic foods, buying organic textiles, and using chemical free products. The stylish, extra large Linda Tote comes in 5 color options: Natural, with no dye, Black, Avocado, Navy and Brown.