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Updates on Kickstarter, Super Bowl 50, and herbsack pop up stores

August 10, 2015

Happy Summer herbsackers!


So much is happening, and we want to give you a BIG update!!

As you know, herbsack attracted 137 Backers and raised $16,217 in our Kickstarter Campaign ending May 19th, 2015. 

We are very proud to say we filled 100% of our Kickstarter orders one month ahead of schedule. Two backers have not provided us an address yet. We hope our 2 backers will still contact us so we can mail their herbsacks to them.  One backer is traveling in Europe, so we are holding her package to send next week. 

In other news, we attended our first webinar with the NFL Super Bowl 50 Host Committee as an approved vendor! We are in the vendor database where the NFL, Corporate Sponsors, and the Host committee can find us! Obviously, we hope to get an order, and will keep you posted! 

herbsack executed pop up stores twice at Whole Foods Market at 777 The Alameda in San Jose, CA, and also over the weekend of 8/8 to 8/9 at The San Jose Jazz Festival. It was a wonderful experience to connect with customers and bring our brand from online to off line. Customers are saying they like our bags, and the bags are "good quality."  We thank San Jose Made #SJMade for giving us the opportunity to participate in these pop up store events. 


herbsack is invited to do its first trunk show on August 27th and 28th from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm at The Bay Club Courtside in Los Gatos.

We are also invited to do a pop up store on 8/29 from 5 to 7 pm at Bay Club Santana Row at the Wine Stroll. If our bags sell well, we will be considered for inclusion at the Bay Club's 12 Pro Shop locations! 

Here is a link to information about the Bill Wilson end of summer Wine Stroll at Santana Row, and a link to information about the Bill Wilson Center in San Jose. We hope you will come out for the event! Who can resist an evening at Santana Row, and it is for a good cause!  



Thanks for tuning in and keeping up with our company's growth!

Signing off for now,




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